NFC Issues

This guide offers step-by-step solutions for resolving NFC errors on Agrigistics' Android devices, including enabling NFC and troubleshooting common issues.

Overview of NFC Errors on Android

"No Supported Application for This NFC Tag" Error

Cause of the Error

The "No supported application for this NFC tag" error message typically appears when an NFC tag is scanned while the device is not prepared to process it. This is common in scenarios such as scanning a tag on the “Clocks & Activities” summary screen, where the device does not recognize the action associated with the scanned tag.

General Rule for NFC Scanning

Remember that the device is generally set to listen for NFC scans only on screens displaying the NFC icon.

"NFC Error - NFC Not Enabled"

Troubleshooting Steps for NFC Issues

Restarting the Device

  1. Initial Step: Often, restarting the device can resolve minor technical glitches, including those related to NFC functionality.

Ensuring NFC is Enabled

  1. Verifying NFC Settings:

    1. Go to Settings on your device.

    2. If searching within settings, type NFC, then select the NFC option and ensure NFC is turned on.

    3. Alternatively, follow this path: SettingsOther Wireless ConnectionsNFC → Turn On. Note that this option might not appear in search results within settings.

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