Report Summary

Summarizing table data for valuable insights

Report Summaries in Agrigistics are used to summarize table data. They can automatically process large amounts of data and generate a report showing count totals, averages, sums, and other calculations, as well as arranging data into groups. Report Summaries provide insight that may otherwise be difficult to see.

For example, below is a table of harvesting information in its original format. It lists products harvested in specific areas on a farm. However, it is hard to compare how each produce is performing or identify which variant generates the most calculated units. These questions can be easily answered using a Report Summary.

Creating a Report Summary that sum key amounts (such as total calculated units of a specific area or produce) helps you to look for trends and patterns in the data. You can apply calculations, create multiple groups and expand/collapse groups.

The Report Summary drilldown option adds functionality that users view the data behind each summary value. Users can click on any value on the Report Summary and see the underlying data that comprises the value.

On Agrigistics, Report Summaries are enabled by default on specific reports (more to come in the future!). To try them out now, click on the links below to view your Report Summaries.

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