Manage accrued and spent leave per employee

Setup and Configuration

Follow the steps here to setup leave for employees: Leave Configuration.

Importing Leave Balances

Take-on balances can only be imported when:

Navigate to Payroll / Employees and click on the down arrow next to "Import leave balances". Select "Export balance template"

This excel file will be prepopulated with all the employees eligible for a leave take on balance. Leave thresholds will also be set according to current employment durations.

Only employees with employment start dates and which is linked to a pay run with configured leave will be populated on the export template. If employees are missing, make sure to check their start dates, if they are added to a pay run, and if the leave is configured in that pay run.

Leave Cycles

Leave cycles start on the day of employment with the following durations:

  • Sick leave: 3 years from the start of employment

  • Annual leave: 1 year from the start of employment

  • Family responsibility leave: 1 year from the start of employment

When Importing Leave

To import leave balances, take-on balances from the last active pay run's day before the current pay run. Leave accrual starts from the current pay run date.

Make sure to download the take on balance template from this page.

Annual Leave Balance

Use the closing balance from the day before the current pay run.

Sick Leave Balance

Employees working less than 6 months accrue 1 hour of leave for every 26 hours worked until they reach the 6-month threshold. Afterward, they receive the full 6-week entitlement.

When importing sick leave, specify if the 6-month threshold is reached. If not, the employee receives the full entitlement when reaching the threshold.

Capture spent sick leave for accurate allocation upon reaching the threshold.

Family Responsibility Leave

Similar to sick leave, family responsibility leave has a 4-month threshold. All employees are entitled to 3 days within a leave cycle. Capture spent leave to allocate correctly when the threshold is crossed.

How to process leave

Leave needs to be processed on the employee overview report.

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