Make sure everything is set up correctly to start managing you fixed and consumable assets

Before you start

Make sure you have the following configuration in place before starting with the Asset Management module.


The following users and employees have access to the asset module:

  • Users with the roles Administrator and Farmer

  • Employees with the role Foreman

Please visit the Users & Employees section below to create the correct users and employees.

Users & Employees


Fixed and consumable assets must be configured before you can start assigning them to users or manage their stock levels.

Please visit the Assets section below to create all your assets you want to manage.

Assets & Consumables

Chemicals & Fertilisers

As soon as you record the actuals on your first chemical or fertiliser instruction you will be able to monitor the stock levels of each product. Visit the Chemical and Fertiliser section below to get started.


Monitor your packaging material in real time as to pack. Visit the Packhouse section below to get started.


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