Day 1

Welcome to the Agrigistics Portal

What is the Agrigistics Portal?

The Agrigistics Portal is the hub for all data collected from your devices in the field, allowing you to view and interpret clocking activity efficiently.

The Agrigistics portal is web-based and accessible from any device with internet connectivity and a browser. To access, simply navigate to and sign in using your user credentials.

The portal is compatible across a variety of devices including Apple, Windows, Android, and iPhone, ensuring flexibility and ease of access. While the Agrigistics App is available exclusively on Android and is specifically designed for capturing information in the field, it does not support viewing data. To view information, you can use any internet browser on your preferred device. This approach ensures that data capture is efficient while data review and management remain flexible and accessible from anywhere.

Getting Started

  1. Access to the Portal: Look out for an email from us with your login credentials. Please reach out to your customer success manager if you have not received the initial email with login details.

  2. Login: Log in at (direct link, no "www") with your email and password provided in the email.

Manage your Users

  • Control: You dictate user access levels. Add unlimited users and define what they can do and see.

  • Adding Users: Simply go to Management > Users to start adding team members to your profile. Only users added in this section will be able to log in to the online Portal

  • User Roles:

    • Administrators: Get full profile access and can add users. Ideal for farm managers, owners, and finance/HR personnel.

    • Farmers: Have view-only access to assigned farm areas with limited reporting functions.

For a detailed breakdown of roles and access limitations, check out our user role guide. Remember, you can expand your team on Agrigistics anytime by adding more users.

Manage your Employees

  • Role Assignment: Employees, the backbone of your field operations, won't access the portal but will have specific roles within Agrigistics that define their tasks and data capture capabilities, such as time & attendance, harvesting, and supervisors.

  • Guidance: For a clear understanding of each role and its restrictions, visit our employee role guide.

  • Flexibility: You can add new employees to the system as your workforce grows, simply navigate to Management / Employees.

Time & Attendance

The next step in the process is to start with your time and attendance module, please navigate to this section:

Time & Attendance

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