Daily overview of all harvesting activities on your farm


Select custom filters to narrow down your dashboard results. Your daily overview, harvester overview and farm breakdown will be filtered according to your selections.

  • Farms - Select one or multiple farms

  • Produce - Select a single produce

  • Date - Select any date


See a daily breakdown of all produce harvested over time.

The graph is updated in 15 minute increments. Select a produce filter to view individual variants harvested.

Harvester Overview

Top harvesters for each produce. Click on the arrow icons next to the produce name to cycle between different types of produce.

Hover over the target indicators next to each harvester to view their progress. The green check mark indicates that the harvester as reached their daily target. To manage your targets visit the following page:


Farm Breakdown

Detailed breakdown of harvesting activity on each farm. Below each farm name the time of the first and last activity.

Click on the details toggle button to view additional information for the specific farm

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