Custom Reports

Custom reports can be used to derive your own insights from existing data. They are presented as smaller reports with drill down capabilities.

Editing Report Summaries

This feature is still in testing phase. Some features might not work as intended. Please contact your Customer Success Manager for any feedback.

Custom reports gives you the capability of user defined aggregation on specified fields. You can access this via the context menu in the top right corner of an existing report summary.

Custom Report Editor

The report editor is a full screen view that allows for several types of modifications. In the centre you will find a preview of the current report (all changes will immediately reflect here). On the right hand side, you will find the Configuration panel.

This feature was designed to be used on a Desktop computer.

Configuration panel

Did you know you can double click on Report name, or on the Value names to change it?


Rows determine how the data should be grouped, and how many levels of drill down there is.


Columns can also determine how the data should be grouped. This is mostly used when you want to compare data on the same level. Example: Comparing last week's data with this week's data.


This is where one can adjust what values to show, and how they should be aggregated.


Calculations are used to combine several columns or data sources in some way.

To date, one can only rename and remove an existing calculation.


You can save your changes which will then load every time this particular report opens. If you don't want the changes any more, you can just Revert to default.

PLEASE NOTE: You're changes will only be available on the current device. If you clean your browser's local storage these changes will be lost.

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