Payslip Customisation

  1. Page Size: Select A4 or A5 page sizes. Please note that only one payslip will be generated per page. If you want to print two payslips per page, select A5 size and customise print settings on your computer.

  2. Include employee hours: By selecting this option, a daily breakdown of all hours worked for the employee will be added to the payslip. This can assist in unwanted queries when handing out payslips.

  3. Individual PDFs: This option will generate separate PDF files for each employee. Use this option if you intend to digitally send payslips to each employee.

  4. Hide Leave:

    • Toggle the options next to each leave option to hide it from an employees pay slip.

  5. Generate PDF: A combined PDF file with all selected employee's payslips. Ideal option for printing.

Payslip Breakdown

Below is a complete breakdown of an Agrigistics Payslip:

  1. Employee number and full name.

  2. Pay run name and current period start and end date.

  3. Employee team.

  4. Company details as required by the BCEA.

    • This includes the company name, address, PAYE and UIF registration number.

  5. Employee personal information:

    • Employee Number.

    • Full name.

    • Payment Frequency.

    • Date of employment.

    • ID Number.

    • Banking Details.

  6. Company Logo.

  7. Loans and Savings + Leave balances.

    • Loans and Savings will only be visible if the employee has active savings or loans.

    • The leave balances indicates the employee's current leave balance, leave accrued in this period and leave taken in this period.

    • PAYE Calculation method: Only applicable if this employee pays PAYE.

  8. Earnings table.

  9. Deductions table.

  10. Pay run template name + description.

  11. Pay run template quantity and rate.

  12. Pay run template total monetary value.

  13. Total Earnings / Deductions.

  14. Daily breakdown of hours worked: Please note that the daily breakdown of hours is only included on the current pay slip. If a historical pay slip is printed, the hours will be omitted to avoid inaccuracies that may arise if time and attendance data or clock templates have changed.

    1. Public holidays are indicated with an asterisk (*) next to the date.

    2. Leave is indicated next to the hours (AL - Annual Leave, SL - Sick Leave, FR - Family Responsibility Leave, UL - Unpaid or Other leave)

    3. If weekly overtime is calculated, an additional breakdown will be provided.

  15. Nett pay (Earnings - Deduction = Nett pay)

  16. The date this payslip was generated.

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