Users & Employees

Assign roles and permissions to your user and employees

In the Agrigistics system, there is a distinct difference between "users" and "employees," each with specific access rights and functionalities:

  • Users: These are individuals who have login credentials for the online portal. Users can sign in using their email and password to access, manage, and interact with information on the portal. This group primarily includes administrative roles and those who need to oversee or update various aspects of the operations from anywhere via the internet.

  • Employees: This group does not have access to the online portal and cannot log in to view or manage data. Their interaction with the system is limited to their specific operational roles. However, certain employees, such as foremen, may have the capability to log into the Android application to capture information directly in the field. This allows them to input data relevant to their daily tasks and responsibilities while on-site, but they do not have broader portal access for administrative functions.

This structure ensures that data access and management are tailored to the roles and responsibilities within the organization, enhancing security and efficiency.

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