Sync Issues

This guide provides instructions for resolving sync issues on Agrigistics' Android devices, focusing on checking mobile data settings and device restart steps.

Sync errors typically occur when the “Connection Status” is unsuccessful during syncing processes. Indicators of this issue include “Ping Time” and “IP Address” displaying as “N/A”.

Steps for Resolving Sync Errors

Restarting the device

Most often a simple device restart solves a sync issue.

Checking Mobile Data Settings

  1. Access Cellular Settings:

    1. From the login screen, tap the 3-stripes icon in the top left-hand corner.

    2. Navigate to “Cellular Settings”.

      1. Enable “Mobile data” if it's disabled.

      2. Restart the Device: After enabling mobile data, it's crucial to restart the device to apply the changes.

Ensuring Correct APN Settings

  1. Change APN to “flickswitch”:

    1. Go to SettingsSim card and traffic managementSim card 1Access point names.

    2. Within Vodacom, enter APN settings and replace the existing entry with “flickswitch” (all lowercase).

    3. Remember to save the new settings by pressing at the top right and selecting save.

    4. If you see “APN settings not available for this user”:

      1. Click the three dots at the top right-hand side.

      2. Opt for reset to default, then re-enter “flickswitch” as the APN and save.

    5. Restart the Device Again: It's important to restart the device after changing the APN settings to ensure they are properly implemented.

Additional Support

Should the sync issues continue after these troubleshooting steps, further assistance may be required. Please consult the Agrigistics help site for more comprehensive guidance or reach out to our support team for additional help.

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