Injury on Duty

The BCEA itself doesn't specifically address injury on duty. However, it interacts with other South African legislation governing injuries on duty, primarily the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA), which specifically outlines responsibilities and processes for handling these situations. For more information please refer to the act.

How to compensate employees for IOD

When an employee is injured, you can navigate to the Employee Overview Report and capture Special Leave for the days that the employee needs to be compensated for. Please be sure to only capture leave for the days that the employee needs to be compensated for. Provide a note for future reference when capturing the leave.

Once the leave is captured, navigate to Payroll / Settings to create a new earning Pay Run Template that will be linked to special leave from the employee overview report.

  1. Template name: Injury on Duty

  2. Description: This field is optional. Add at own discretion

  3. Pay run type: Earning

  4. SARS Code: 3601

  5. Quantity: Click on the "+" icon and select Leave / Special Leave

This will ensure that the special leave that is captured on the employee overview report will be allocated to this specific earning for an employee.

When configuring the rate, select your minimum wage (or base hourly rate), and set the factor to 0.75. This will ensure that this will be paid out at a rate of 75% of the employees rate. This will also be adjust automatically if the employee's rate is changed on their pay run.

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