Employer Information

Updating Employer Information for Payroll Compliance

Employer Information for Payroll

When setting up payroll in Agrigistics, it's important to remember that all payroll activities are conducted under a legal entity. This means:

  1. Legal Entity Details are Essential:

    • Your company's legal details must be accurately entered into Agrigistics. This includes the companyโ€™s full legal name, registration number, and tax details.

  2. Compliance with SARS:

    • You are required to report all employees associated with this legal entity to SARS and the Department of Labour on a monthly and bi-annual basis.

Why This Matters:

  • Ensuring that your company's legal details are correctly configured in Agrigistics is crucial for compliance with tax laws and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA).

In Agrigistics, employer information serves several critical functions:

  1. Generating Pay Slips:

    • Employer details are mandatory on all pay slips, ensuring they meet legal and formal requirements.

  2. Payments:

    • Essential for creating EFT payment files, reduces time and effort for manual payments.

  3. Filing Submissions:

    • Vital for generating various compliance documents like EMP201, EMP501, tax certificates, and UIF declarations.

Employer Details

Navigate to Payroll / Settings and click on the Companies tab. Provide the following information:

  1. Company name (Trade name)

    • Trade name as stated on official documents

  2. Full address and country code

    • The registration address of your company. This is also a legal requirement for payslips.

  3. Banking Details - Please refer to this section for more details on what banks are supported

    • Bank name

    • Branch code

    • Account number

    • Company code - Only required for Standard Bank accounts

  4. Filing Details

    • PAYE reference number

    • UIF reference number

    • SDL reference number

    • ETI Eligibility

      • Please refer to this page for more information regarding ETI

    • SIC7 Code

      • Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (SIC) Seventh Edition

    • Filing mode indicator

      • Select "Test" if you need to validate files on the @easyfile

    • Employer contact details (SARS Representative) - Required when generating tax certificates for employees

      • Name + Surname

      • Phone number

      • Email address

Multiple Companies

Farmers often operate multiple legal entities on a single farm, such as one for general operations and another for a packhouse. When managing payroll in Agrigistics, employees are not separated by the entity they work for; they can clock in wherever they work. However, when configuring payroll settings in Agrigistics (Payroll / Settings / Companies), it's possible to create multiple companies. Each company should have its unique legal name, registration number, and address. These distinct companies also have their own unique filing details, which are essential for SARS submissions. It's important to note that all companies must be configured in Agrigistics to enable SARS filings.

When creating pay runs, each pay run can be linked to a separate company. Please refer to the pay run configuration page for more information.

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