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Importing your payroll payment file into FNB Enterprise Banking

Export the FNB Payment file

When downloading the FNB payment file from Agrigistics select the“Bankserv ACB (Capitec/FNB/Nedbank)” option.

It is recommended to use the "Bankserv ACB (Capitec/FNB/Nedbank)" format when importing transactions into FNB.

  1. On Agrigistics, navigate to Payroll, Filing & Payments.

  2. Select the Bank Payments Tab.

  3. Select the company

  4. A list of all the active pay runs will be displayed

  5. To export a payment file for a single pay run, click on the export button next to the pay run name.

  6. To export a payment file for all the pay runs, select all the payruns in the table, and click on the green export button in the top right hand corner

  7. Click on “Bankserv ACB (Capitec/FNB)”. Please read the paragraph above for more information regarding these two formats

  8. Save the file on your computer

Import the file into FNB

Log into your FNB Enterprise Online Account

Navigate to Payments and click on import

The screen below will be displayed:

  1. Name: Provide a name for the current payment batch e.g. Payroll September 15 2023

  2. Import File Type

    • For “Bankserv ACB (Capitec/FNB/Nedbank)”, select “Bankserv (acb)”

  3. Statement entry

    • Itemised: Each payment will be listed on your statement

    • Consolidated: All payments will be listed as one entry on your statement

  4. Service Type: (When you want the payment to reflect - make sure you select the correct option if you want the payment to reflect on the same day. Extra charges may apply)

    • Same Day

    • Pay & Clear now

    • 1-day (salaries)

  5. Verify Against folder: If you have all your beneficiaries loaded on your profile, select the folder where they are located

    • If this option is selected and the beneficiary is not loaded on your folder, the payment will fail

  6. OR select once off

    • Payments will be made without saving the beneficiaries

    • You also have the option here to save the beneficiaries to a new folder if you want to

  7. Click on continue

  1. Results File Format

    • Select CSV, this is the most readable format to make sure there are no errors in your file

  2. Ignore Invalid Items: No

    • Make sure you select No, you do not want to ignore any errors in the file

  3. Choose Payment File Location: Select the file that was downloaded from Agrigistics in the first step

  4. Sent results to my:

    • Inbox - Will appear on your FNB online inbox

    • Email - Sent to your email address. The result will also be available in your FNB online inbox

  5. Click on continue

Please make sure that the account number listed under “Account” in the image above is the same as the account number configured on Agrigistics / Payroll / Settings / Companies. If this account number does not match the configured account number on Agrigistics the payment will fail. Please contact your business banker if the payment still fails after confirming the correct account number.

The payment will now be imported. Click on Finished.

Navigate to your inbox on your FNB profile and make sure there are no errors.

To release the payment navigate to Authorise and release the batch. Only when you click release will the payment be made.

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