ABSA Business Integrator Online

This guide provides a straightforward approach to importing CSV (Comma-Separated Values) files into ABSA Business Integrator Online, a critical step for efficiently managing batch payments.

Please ensure that you have access to ABSA Business Integrator Online (BIO) before attempting to import the CSV file. Other ABSA online profiles do not have access to this functionality.

Navigate to the payments screen on Agrigistics and select the option "ABSA Business Integrator". The downloaded file is a CSV format and contains the following fields in this order:

  1. To Account Number

  2. To Account Name

  3. To Branch Code

  4. Transaction Amount

  5. Beneficiary Description - Description to appear on beneficiaries statement

Please note that the CSV file does not have any headers. Ensure that your column mapping on ABSA BIO correlates to the columns mentioned above.

The above file format results in a consolidated batch, where only one debit reflects on your bank account, even though multiple payments are made to the respective beneficiaries.

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