Biometrics & Integration

Biometric System Integration with Bio3G

At Agrigistics, we streamline your time and attendance tracking through a seamless integration with Bio3G’s biometric systems. Here's a brief overview of the process:

Bio3G is tasked with the installation and maintenance of biometric hardware. After their team completes the setup, they will synchronize the biometric system with your Agrigistics account. This integration allows the immediate download of active employee data from your account onto the biometric devices. You can then easily associate each employee with their unique biometric data, either fingerprint or facial recognition, directly on the Bio3G devices. Detailed guidance on this procedure can be found with Bio3G’s support resources.

Once your employees are registered on the biometric devices, they can start using them to clock in and out. In the Agrigistics system, these clock-ins are recorded under an activity typically named "Bio3G Clock". You can view and manage these records by going to the 'Data Review' and then 'Clocks' section within Agrigistics. It's important to note that clock-ins from the biometric devices will not show a supervisor’s name—this field is reserved for entries made through the Agrigistics Android remote device by an appointed supervisor.

All biometric clocks are synchronised automatically with your Agrigistics account. For this to function smoothly, please ensure that the biometric devices are online and connected to your network at all times. Regular network connectivity checks are recommended to maintain uninterrupted service.

For more information or any assistance regarding the biometric integration, the Bio3G team is ready to help. With this setup, your time and attendance tracking is automated, secure, and efficient, allowing you to focus more on the growth of your business.

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