Bi-annual Filing

Bi-annual tax filings, mandated by the South African Revenue Service (SARS), ensure businesses maintain financial transparency and adherence throughout the year.

Why Bi-Annual?

Segmenting the tax year into two main periods helps businesses manage reconciliations effectively and meet tax obligations consistently.

Key Submission Periods

End of August: Consolidate transactions and employee tax details from March to August.

End of February: Close the tax year by accounting for data from September to February, paving the way for annual reconciliation.

Leveraging Agrigistics

Our platform simplifies bi-annual filing, aiding in the collection, review, and preparation of all necessary financial data. Ensure accuracy within the system for a streamlined submission.


The Employer Reconciliation Declaration (EMP501) consolidates an employer's PAYE, UIF, and SDL obligations for all their employees during the tax year or bi-annual filing period. Essentially, it serves as a summary of all EMP201 submissions for that specific period, and, like the EMP201, includes information about the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI).

Tax Certificates (IRP5/IT3a)

Tax certificates serve as an official record of an employee's financial activities over a set period, capturing their income, deductions, and benefits.

Types of Certificates

IRP5s: Issued for employees with PAYE deductions.

IT3(a): For employees without PAYE deductions.

Issuing Certificates

It's mandatory for employers to provide these tax certificates to their employees. While they are prepared bi-annually, they're typically handed out at the end of the tax year. However, if an employee departs from the company mid-year, they should receive their certificate upon leaving.

Employer Reconciliation

Employer Reconciliation is a crucial process that requires businesses to align their reported PAYE, UIF, and SDL figures against the actual amounts paid to SARS. This reconciliation is performed twice a year to ensure financial accuracy and compliance.

Your Role and Responsibility

While Agrigistics equips you with all the necessary data and tools to facilitate this process, it's essential to understand that the ultimate responsibility for accurate and timely reconciliation lies with you, the employer. Ensure that all data entries, submissions, and payments align correctly to avoid potential discrepancies.

Pre-Filing Checklist

Before diving into any submission process, it's vital to verify all details. Here's a checklist to guide you:

Employee Data

Employer/Company Data

Helpful Tools and Resources for Filing

Embarking on the filing process can seem daunting, but with the right tools and resources, it becomes more manageable. Here's a selection of aids to facilitate your experience:

SARS Employer Guide

A comprehensive guide provided by SARS to navigate the e@syFile system. It offers step-by-step instructions, making the reconciliation and submission processes smoother.

Video Tutorial on EMP501 Submission

For those who prefer visual guidance, this video tutorial walks you through the EMP501 submission process, offering practical tips along the way.

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