Users have access to the online portal and can view the results of data captured in the field

Owners can dictate user access levels. Add unlimited users and define what they can do and see.

Access to the Portal

Look out for an email from Agrigistics with your login credentials. As soon as you log in please navigate to your profile to change your password.

Please reach out to your customer success manager if you have not received the initial email with login details.

You are in control of who has access to your profile and what they can see. There is no limit to how many users you can add.

Add a new User

To add a user to your profile please navigate to the following page, Management > Users.

  1. Click on the "+ User" button.

  2. Provide the user details

    1. Email: Login details will be sent to this email address and this will be the email address used to sign in to Agrigistics

    2. Name + Surname

  3. Role: Please see the section below on the different user roles.

  4. Password: Provide a password for the user to log in for the first time. The user can change this password at any time in the future.

After adding a user, an email will be sent to that user with instrucitons on how to sign in.

Edit Current Users

If there's a need to update details for an existing user in Agrigistics, such as a change in email address or other personal information, follow these steps.

To ensure the user's historical data remains intact and properly linked to their profile. Avoid deleting and re-adding users, as this can lead to data being associated with a 'missing user'

  1. Navigate to User Management:

  2. Select the User:

    • Locate and click on the user whose information needs updating from the list displayed in the table.

  3. Edit User Details:

    • Click on the user in the table and select Edit button in the bottom panel.

    • Update the necessary fields, such as the userโ€™s email address or any other pertinent details.

  4. Save Changes:

    • After making the required edits, ensure to save the changes to update the userโ€™s profile accordingly.

By following these steps, you can efficiently manage user details in Agrigistics without disrupting the linkage of historical data and activities, ensuring a seamless continuation of access and responsibilities.

User Roles

User roles within the Agrigistics portal are essential for managing permissions and controlling visibility for all users. Understanding each role will help you ensure that every user has appropriate access based on their responsibilities. Here are the current roles defined in the system:

  • Owner: This role is reserved for key stakeholders and can only be assigned by Agrigistics staff. Owners act as top-level administrators with the added capability to add and remove other admin users. They are uniquely empowered to manage permissions for other users and have access to all functionalities available to administrators.

  • Administrators: Administrators have comprehensive access to most of the site's functionality, with the exception of managing existing and new user accounts. Their permissions can be tailored, particularly in relation to payroll actions and data visibility, to ensure they have access only to the features necessary for their specific duties.

When assigning the administrative role to a new user and there are existing payroll restrictions on other users, the default setting for the new user's payroll access will be "none." This precaution ensures that new users do not inadvertently gain broader access than intended. To specify or grant payroll access to new administrative users, click on their user profile and select "Payroll Permissions".

These roles are designed to provide structured access to the portal, ensuring security and efficiency in managing operations and sensitive data.

Payroll Permissons

To further refine access controls within the Agrigistics portal, additional permissions can be allocated specifically for payroll functions. These permissions are tailored to suit various administrative needs, ensuring that each administrator has the appropriate level of access to sensitive payroll information and capabilities. Here are the three levels of payroll access:

  • Full: Users with full access are able to engage with all aspects of payroll. They can manage pay runs, access all payroll functions, and handle payments and filings. This level is typically reserved for users who need comprehensive oversight and control over payroll operations.

  • Limited: Users with limited access have permissions that are restricted to specific pay runs and employees. They do not have access to payments, filings, or the ability to alter payroll configurations. However, they can make changes to the details of employees linked to the pay runs that are visible to them. This level of access is suitable for users who need to manage day-to-day payroll operations without requiring full administrative capabilities.

  • None: Users with no access are completely restricted from viewing or interacting with any payroll functions. This setting is used to prevent access to payroll information for users who do not require it for their role.

To set up the payroll permissions for an User, navigate to Management / Users.

  1. Click on the desired user in the table to open the actions menu

  2. Click on "Payroll Permissions"

  3. Next to Payroll Access select one of the options:

    1. Full Access - Access to all payroll functions

    2. Limited Access - Only access to specific pay runs

    3. None - No access to payroll

  4. Click on save.

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