Day Zero Guide

Getting started with your all-in-one labour solution

Who is this guide for?

This guide is structured to assist new clients in effectively incorporating Agrigistics into their operations, focusing on three primary steps:

  1. Identifying Wristbands, Device Setup, and Distribution

    • Instructions on unpacking the Agrigistics hardware and understanding its contents, including the Android device and RFID wristbands.

    • Steps to power on the device and log into the Agrigistics app.

    • Guidance on differentiating wristbands for workers and supervisors

    • Procedures for handing them out to employees.

  2. Clocking in Employees

    • Detailed process for using the device to scan an employee's RFID tag for the first time.

    • How to effectively utilise the Agrigistics app for employee attendance tracking.

  3. Using the Agrigistics Online Portal

    • Instructions for viewing and managing captured data on the Agrigistics online portal.

These steps are designed to ensure a seamless setup process, enabling clients to fully leverage Agrigistics from the outset.

Unboxing the Agrigistics Hardware

This section provides guidance on setting up your Agrigistics system right from unboxing the hardware and getting started with the essential components.

In your Agrigistics package, you'll find:

  • Rugged Android Device: The primary tool for managing and tracking your workforce.

  • RFID Wristbands: Used to identify users and employees.

Powering On and Accessing the Agrigistics App

  1. Power On the Device: Find the rugged Android device and press the power button on its side until it powers on.

  2. Open the Agrigistics App: Once the device is powered on, locate and open the Agrigistics app on the home screen. This app is central to managing and tracking your workforce.

Distinguish the RFID wristbands

The wristbands are split into different bags for:

  • Different employee teams.

  • User tags marked as 'Admin'.

  • Unlinked tags for future use or replacements.

Despite being physically identical, these wristbands have been pre-linked to the correct employees/users on our end. The tags can be reused and linked to other employees in the future.

Scanning an RFID Tag

Identifying Employee RFID Tags

This section explains how to use RFID wristbands with your Agrigistics device to identify employees and verify their information. Follow these steps to scan a tag and view linked employee details.

Scanning Process

  1. Position the Device: Hold the device so the back (where the NFC antenna is located, usually in the middle) is accessible.

  2. Select a Wristband: Take an employee wristband from its bag.

  3. Open Agrigistics App: Ensure the Agrigistics app is active on your device and the screen displays "Tap tag to login".

  4. Scan the Tag: Place the round dial of the wristband against the back of the device, similar to making a contactless payment.

  5. Confirmation: Listen for a confirmation sound from the device, indicating the tag has been read.

Reviewing Employee Information

  1. Employee Details: After scanning, a window will display the employee's details linked to that tag, including their employee number, name, surname, and team.

  2. Unlinked or Resigned Employee Tags: If a tag is not associated with any active employee, the screen will show a notification.

Clocking In Your First Employee

Clocking in and out is a critical function in Agrigistics for tracking employee attendance. Here's a simple guide to do it effectively.

Having acquainted yourself with the device and RFID scanning, let’s proceed to clock in your first employee. You’ll find that scanning a foreman’s tag unveils more options owing to their elevated access, which includes the ability to capture information directly on the device. The extent of information a foreman can capture can be adjusted later via the online portal. By default, foremen have access to the Time & Attendance module. For more information on which roles can be assigned to your employees please visit this page: Employees - Roles

Follow these links to start:

You've now learned the basics of using your device to clock employees in and out.

Exploring the Online Portal

Having mastered the basics on the device, it’s time to log in to the online portal and view the information you’ve just captured. The portal offers a consolidated view of all time and attendance activities on your farm, aiding in effective workforce management.

  1. Log in to the Online Portal:

    1. Follow instructions on this page: Online Portal Login.

  2. Navigating the Dashboard:

    • Upon logging in, you'll be directed to the employee overview dashboard. This dashboard provides a 7-day overview of all time and attendance activities on your farm.

    • Please refer to this page for more information on how to use the overview dashboard.

  3. You're All Set:

    • Congratulations on familiarising yourself with both the Agrigistics hardware and the online portal!

Distributing Wristbands and Devices

Now that you're acquainted with the hardware and online portal, it's time to distribute the wristbands to your employees and hand over the devices to the foremen.

Select and Verify Tags

  1. Find Team Bag: Identify the bag labeled for the specific employee team.

  2. Verify Tags: Briefly scan each wristband using the device to ensure it corresponds to the right employee information. Use these steps to identify the correct tag.

  3. Hand Out Tags: Once verified, distribute the wristbands to the respective team members.

Inform employees that this first wristband is provided by the company. Thereafter, it becomes their property and responsibility. If a wristband is lost, the employee will be responsible for the replacement fee.

Time & Attendance

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