Clear Device Storage and Reset the Agrigistics App

This document outlines the steps to clear the Agrigistics app's storage on your device and reset the app. This process is useful for addressing potential configuration errors or enhancing performance


  1. Access App Settings

    • Long press the Agrigistics App icon on your device until a menu appears.

    • Tap on the info icon to access app settings.

  2. Clear Storage and Cache

    • Select Storage and cache.

    • Tap Clear cache.

    • Then, tap Clear storage/data to remove all app data.

  3. Restart the App

    • Reopen the app. The device should now display a screen indicating it is not connected to any site.

  4. Link with your site

Additional Notes

  • Clearing the app data is recommended if there are issues suspected to be caused by current configurations.

  • On older devices, this process can help improve app performance.

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