Recurring Pay Runs

Create multiple recurring pay runs to make sure each group of employees gets paid on time

A recurring pay run is a payroll procedure designed to simplify and streamline the remuneration of employees with consistent pay structures and schedules. It offers several key advantages:

Customisable Pay Periods: Each recurring pay run can be individually configured with its own payment frequency, whether it's on a monthly, fortnightly, or weekly basis. This flexibility allows businesses to align payment cycles with their unique operational needs.

Employee Grouping: Recurring pay runs enable the grouping of employees who share similar job roles or payment structures. For instance, all packhouse employees or harvesting workers can be categorised within their respective pay runs, making it easier to manage and process payments efficiently.

Leave: Employees linked to a specific recurring pay run will accrue leave based on the configuration set for that pay run.

Payment structure: Avoid mixing different payment types (e.g., fixed salary and hourly wage) within the same pay run.

Multiple Companies: Pay runs are grouped per company. Easily separate employees between multiple legal entities

In summary, recurring pay runs are a versatile tool for managing payroll operations by tailoring payment schedules and grouping employees according to their roles, whether they are permanent or seasonal staff. This aids in achieving greater efficiency and accuracy in the payroll process.

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