Data Capture Devices

Physical hardware devices to collect information in the field

Agrigistics utilises physical hardware devices to collect information in the field. These devices are connected to the internet to ensure real-time data, maximizing accuracy.

The Agrigistics Portal can be accessed from any web browser on any internet-connected device. It is not limited to a specific operating system. However, capturing data in the field is limited to the Agrigistics Android application and biometric devices.

Currently, there are two types of devices:

  1. Android Device

    • The Android application can be installed from the official Google Play Store on any compatible device.

    • Android devices can only identify employees with their RFID tags.

    • With the Android application, you can capture time and attendance data and monitor activities.

  2. Biometric Devices

    • Fixed biometric devices that are either free-standing or linked to turnstiles.

    • The supported biometric devices can identify employees through facial recognition, fingerprint, palm, and RFID tags.

    • With biometric devices, you can only capture time and attendance data.

Please refer to the hardware buying guide for more information on how to purchase the hardware.

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