Time & Attendance

Manage your time more efficiently and address common issues with ease

The Time and Attendance module of Agrigistics is designed to save administrators and managers a significant amount of time by addressing common issues with ease. This module concentrates on three main areas: data consolidation, exception management, and transparency. By automating the majority of data handling, it allows users to focus solely on managing exceptions, with Agrigistics taking care of the rest.

Data Consolidation

Our live clocking system provides instant access to real-time data, enabling you to see, for example: who is absent or late immediately. This allows for prompt action, such as adding leave or manual entries if an employee was unable to clock in. By having access to this information in real time, you can spread the workload over the entire pay run period instead of consolidating all information the day before payday. Additionally, having immediate access to data ensures that everyone involved retains context. For example, if you ask a supervisor why an employee was late three weeks ago, they might have forgotten, but with immediate access, you can ask and record the outcome right away.

Exception Management

In an ideal world, employees would always clock in and out as expected. However, lateness and unforeseen circumstances occurs daily. Managing these exceptions takes time and significantly impacts data accuracy, which in turn affects your payroll. Our flexible shift setups and bulk management tools help you automatically handle common issues, allowing you to focus on what matters. This includes managing overtime, short time, and night shifts. More detailed instructions on how to manage these exceptions are provided in later sections.


All hours clocked in Agrigistics are directly integrated with our built-in payroll solution. Agrigistics has spent considerable time perfecting this payroll system to ensure it is ideally suited for employees paid by the hour. With an integrated payroll, employees can see all their hours worked on their payslips. Any changes made to time and attendance are instantly reflected in their payslips, giving you more control and saving time on reconciling information at the end of the month. This transparency eliminates disputes over payslips, as the calculations are clear and visible.

With these tools, the Time and Attendance module enhances transparency and efficiency in managing your workforce.

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