Pay Run History

View all historic finalised pay runs

The pay run history is a record of all finalized pay runs. To access this:

  • Navigate to the specific recurring pay run.

  • Click on the 'Pay Run History' tab.

Here, you will find all historical finalized pay runs. These records are locked to maintain data integrity for several reasons:

  • Finalized Pay Runs are Immutable: Historical pay run data cannot be altered once finalized. This ensures the accuracy of records submitted to SARS.

  • Compliance with SARS: Any changes to finalized pay runs would lead to discrepancies during bi-annual reconciliations with SARS, hence the read-only status.

  • Accuracy of Pay Slips: Printed pay slips handed out to employees must accurately reflect what’s recorded in the system.

  • Separation from Time and Attendance: Finalized pay run information is not linked to time and attendance or piecework data. Subsequent changes to such data will not retroactively affect historic pay runs.

This approach secures the historical accuracy of payroll data, which is crucial for both regulatory compliance and transparent employee communication.

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