Device Management

Synchronise data in real time

Both Android and biometric devices synchronise data in real time when connected to the internet. If a device loses connection, it will still collect information, but the data will only synchronise to the cloud once the internet connection is restored.

When processing payroll at the end of the month, it is critical to ensure that all devices are connected to the internet and have synchronised all relevant information for the payment period.

Device Status

To view the status of each device, navigate to Management > Devices. Here, you can customize and view the sync status of each device connected to your site.

  • Last Seen: This is the date and time the device last synced data to the server. Biometric device status' only update once each hour. If the devices are offline, the last seen date will be more than one hour in the past.

  • Type: There are currently two device types: biometric and Android.

  • Name: For Android devices, you can customize the name of the device. Biometric device names are configured on the devices themselves.

  • Mobile Number: This column is only applicable to Android devices. It shows the mobile number of the provided SIM card that gives the Android device internet connectivity.

  • Last User: This column is only applicable to Android devices. It displays the name of the user who last signed into the device.

  • Logged In: This column is only applicable to Android devices. A green check mark in this column indicates that the user is currently still logged in to the device.

Change Device Details

To change the name and description of a device or view its latest location, navigate to Management > Devices.

Please note that only the location of Android devices is tracked; biometric devices do not have location data.

  1. Click on the device in the table.

  2. In the Info tab, you can edit the following:

    • Name: Change the name of the device to something descriptive to easily identify it in the field.

    • Description: Add any additional information you want to associate with this device.

    • Mobile Number: If the device has a managed SIM card, the number will be added here. This field is used to reference the correct SIM card when troubleshooting connectivity issues. Please do not change the mobile number of devices with SIM cards managed by Agrigistics.

  3. In the Location tab, you can view the last known location of the device. This is only applicable to Android devices where permissions were granted to track location updates.

Remove a Device

To remove a device, navigate to Management > Devices. When deleting a device, it will only be removed from the list; no data captured on the device will be deleted. You can always add the device again in the future.

It is good practice to remove all devices that are not in operation, as this makes it easier to identify any sync issues.

  1. Click on the device in the table.

  2. Select the Delete option.

Adding a New Device

To add a new device, navigate to Management > Devices. Currently, you can only add Android devices from this page. To add a new biometric device, please refer to the hardware buying guide on how to acquire new hardware.

Click on "Add Android Device" button and follow the on-screen prompts:

If you search for Agrigistics on the Google Play Store and no results appear, it indicates that your Android device is not compatible with the application. Ensure that your device supports NFC (Near Field Communication).

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