Before you start


The following users and employees have access to the Packhouse module:

  • Users with the roles Administrator and Farmer

  • Employees with the role Packhouse Supervisor

Please visit the Users & Employees section below to create the correct users and employees.

Users & Employees


Pack Items

Navigate to Management / Packhouse and click on the tab Items.

  1. Click "Add"

  2. Provide Name for pack item

  3. Specify the unit per packaging unit in which the pack item is packed. Example pack items:

    1. Vegetable Example

      1. Tomatoes are packed in 1.5kg punnets and are placed together in a crate with 9 punnets inside the crate.

        1. Item Unit = kg

        2. Item Factor = 1.5

        3. Packaging Unit = Crate

        4. Packaging Factor = 9

    2. Nuts Example

      1. Nuts are packed per kg

        1. Item Unit = kg

        2. Item Factor = 1

        3. Packaging Unit = kg

        4. Packaging Factor = 1

  4. Specify Produce

  5. Specify Pack Group

  6. Specify Classification

  7. Click "Save"

Pack Groups

Navigate to Management / Packhouse and click on the tab Groups.

  1. Click "Add"

  2. Provide group name

  3. Click "Save"

Pack Classifications

Navigate to Management / Packhouse and click on the tab Classifications.

  1. Click "Add"

  2. Provide class name

    1. Example: Class 1

  3. Provide description for class for further description

  4. Click "Save"


Keep track of packaging materials used for packing your products.

Before you can use this you need to make sure everything is configured in your Packhouse Module.

You can link consumable assets to each individual pack item. When packing these items the stock levels will be automatically subtracted.

Navigate to Management / Packhouse and click on the tab "Items".

  1. Click the specific pack item in the list you want to link consumable assets to

  2. Navigate to the bottom and click on the option Link Consumable Assets?

    1. Select Yes

  3. You will be provided with two fields

    1. Item packaging asset - With this field you can link the asset used for preparing a single pack item. E.g.

      1. 1kg Tomatoes are packaged in PnPay plastic bags, the asset to link will be a PnPay 1kg plastic bag.

      2. Salad heads are cling wrapped to punnets, the asset to link will be a polystyrene punnet

    2. Packaging asset - Link the asset used for packaging multiple items. E.g.

      1. Five 1kg Tomatoes are loaded into a lug, link your plastic lugs in this field

      2. Four Salad heads are loaded into a cardboard box, link your cardboard boxes in this field

  4. Click on Save

When linking your assets to pack items the balance will be subtracted automatically from your inventory when packed.

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