Bank Payments

Batch payment files for major banks in South Africa

Agrigistics' payroll system facilitates the creation of batch payment files compatible with all major banks in South Africa. Ensure your company's and employees' banking details are fully updated before proceeding with batch file generation.

For a Single Pay Run

  • Navigate to Payroll / Pay Runs and select the pay run you wish to process.

  • Go to the reports section and click on "Bank payment files."

  • Note: During this process, the action date will default to today. If you wish to change the action date, use the next method.

For Multiple Pay Runs

  • Navigate to Payroll / Payments and choose the relevant company.

  • A list of all active pay runs for the company will be shown. Select the pay run(s) you wish to export.

  • Note: During this process, you can specify an action date, allowing for future-dated payments.

Exporting the Payment

  1. Click on the "Export" button and choose the appropriate bank file format. Consult your Payroll Specialist for guidance on which file format to select.

  2. A dialogue box will summarize the export results:

    • Beneficiaries with no errors: Included in the payment file.

    • Beneficiaries with warnings: Also included, but verify their details. They may have duplicate account numbers with other employees in this batch.

    • Beneficiaries with errors: Excluded from the payment file due to insufficient information or because they are paid in cash.

  3. Confirm the total amount to be paid out to employees.

  4. Download the payment file without opening or editing it to prevent file corruption and potential payment discrepancies.

Payment Provider

When configuring an employee's payment information, you need to provide a payment provider. This ensures that the employee is included in the correct payment export files. Follow these steps to edit an employee's personal information: Employee Personal Information.

The following options are available:

  • Bank Transfer (EFT): This is used when the employee has a bank account with one of the major banks in South Africa and gets paid via EFT (electronic funds transfer). Also, use this option when using FNB eWallet Pro.

  • Paysoft Lite Debit Card

  • Celbux: Employees get paid via cellphone number.

  • Standard Bank Instant Money (Mobile Number): Employees get paid via cell phone number.

Please note that when exporting a payment, if an employee's payment provider does not match the selected payment provider, they will be excluded from the file. For example, if an employee's payment provider is set as Celbux, they will be excluded when exporting a payment file for ABSA.

Supported Payments

Payment Provider: Bank Transfer (EFT)

  • Bankserv ACB - Standard accounting package import

  • FNB eWallet Pro - FNB Enterprise import

    • When paying an employee via eWallet Pro, make sure to set their account type to FNB eWallet Pro

Payment Provider: Bank Transfer (EFT)

  • ABSA Business Online Integrator

Standard Bank

Payment Provider: Bank Transfer (EFT)

  • Standard Bank Value Dated / EFTS

  • Standard Bank SSVS XLS

  • Standard Bank Instant Money (cell phone number import)

    • Payment Provider: Standard Bank Instant Money (Mobile Number)


Payment Provider: Bank Transfer (EFT)

  • Capitec Business CSV

Payment Provider: Bank Transfer (EFT)

  • Bankserv ACB - Standard accounting package import

Third Pary Payment Providers

  • Paysloft Lite Debit Card

    • Payment Provider: Paysoft Lite Debit Card

  • Celbux

    • Payment Provider: Celbux

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