Initial information required for onboarding

Introduction to Onboarding

Welcome to the Agrigistics Onboarding Guide. This guide is crafted to facilitate your seamless integration into the Agrigistics ecosystem, beginning right after your purchase is finalised. It details the key steps, responsibilities, and schedules critical for an efficient onboarding journey.

Your onboarding starts with a welcome email from an Onboarding Specialist. This email not only introduces the process but also sets the stage for your initial meeting with your dedicated Customer Success Manager. Throughout this guide, we will walk you through these early steps and offer links to more in-depth resources for every part of the onboarding process.

Onboarding Specialist: Your main contact during the initial setup. They not only guide you through the initial documentation but also assist with any future hardware orders and repairs.

Customer Success Manager (CSM): They take over after the initial setup. The CSM helps you understand and use Agrigistics to its full potential, focusing on long-term success and support.

Step 1: Completing the Onboarding Sheet and Debit Order Mandate

Required Before the Scheduled Meeting

Upon starting your onboarding, you'll receive an email with two crucial documents: the Onboarding Sheet (an Excel document) and the Debit Order Mandate.

Onboarding Sheet

  1. Purpose: Collects essential information about your company and employees for setting up your Agrigistics account.

  2. Action: Fill in your company and employee details in the Excel file.

  3. Guidance: For specific information requirements, visit the Onboarding Sheet page.

Debit Order Mandate

  1. Purpose: Establishes the financial arrangements with Agrigistics.

  2. Action: Read, complete, and sign the mandate.

  3. Guidance: For more information or FAQs, refer to the Debit Order Mandate page.

Both the completed Onboarding Sheet and the signed Debit Order Mandate must be submitted before your scheduled meeting. Prompt completion of these documents is key to a smooth onboarding process.

Step 2: Meeting with Your Customer Success Manager

After completing the initial documents, the next step is a meeting with your Customer Success Manager (CSM). This meeting is key to getting your Agrigistics setup right.

Who Should Attend

  • From Agrigistics: Your Onboarding Specialist and the Customer Success Manager.

  • From Your Team: Make sure to include everyone who'll be using Agrigistics, especially the person managing your workforce. They'll provide valuable insights.

Meeting Goals

  • Understanding Hardware Needs: We'll discuss what hardware is necessary for you to start using Agrigistics effectively.

  • Answering Your Questions: Any doubts or concerns? This is the perfect time to ask.

This meeting is all about making sure we understand your needs and you know how to make the most of Agrigistics. It's a chance to ensure everything is clear and ready for a smooth start.

Step 3: Post-Meeting Actions & Hardware Setup

Following your meeting with the Customer Success Manager, you'll move into the hardware setup phase, which is essential for activating your Agrigistics system.

Receiving and Approving the Hardware Quote

  • Receiving the Quote: A detailed quote for the necessary hardware will be sent to you.

  • Action Required: Review the quote thoroughly. To proceed with the hardware order, ensure the total amount is approved and paid.

Delivery of Hardware

  • Shipment Process: After payment confirmation, we will dispatch a package with all the required devices and wristbands already setup for your site.

  • Delivery Service: The package will be sent via Courier Guy, ensuring a reliable and timely delivery.

Step 4: Beginning Data Collection

The completion of your hardware setup marks your entry into the active phase of using the Agrigistics system. This step is all about getting hands-on with data collection and leveraging the full potential of the platform.

Once your hardware is operational, you can begin the data collection process. To assist you in this new phase, your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will be in touch to guide you through the system's functionalities and ensure you are comfortable using it.

For a detailed understanding of how to kick off and manage your data collection effectively from Day 0, please refer to our Day Zero Guide. This guide is designed to provide you with all the necessary information and support for a successful start with Agrigistics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long does the entire onboarding process take?

Answer: The duration of the onboarding process varies depending on several factors, including the promptness of document submission and hardware setup. Generally, it should not take longer than 1 week.

2. What happens if there's a delay in receiving the hardware?

Answer: In case of a delay, please contact your Onboarding Specialist immediately. They will provide updates and assist in resolving any issues with the shipment.

For any other questions or detailed assistance, feel free to reach out to your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager. They are here to ensure your transition to Agrigistics is smooth and successful.

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