Variable Units

Streamline Base Rate Management with Input Variables

Variable units are a feature within the payroll system that empowers you to manage base rates for all employees. An input variable can be configured for the minimum wage and linked to all your payroll templates using specific factors. For example:

  • Normal hours can be linked with a factor of 1

  • Overtime and Saturday hours can be linked with a factor of 1.5

Implementing a variable unit enables you to effortlessly update your base rates with a simple click. When minimum wage rates are adjusted at the beginning of a new financial year, you only need to change one value to update all your pay run templates.

Override Input Variable

For employees who earn more than the base rate, you have the flexibility to make individual adjustments. For example, if a supervisor earns R35 per hour, you can override the rate for that specific employee. This feature allows you to fine-tune rates on a per-employee basis without the need to create multiple pay run templates. Please navigate to this section for more information: Override Variable Rate for an Employee.

When overriding a variable for an employee, all the payrun templates linked to that variable will be changed accordingly. For example, when the rate is changed to R30 for a single employee, the normal hours, overtime and Sunday hours will be adjusted to the new rates given the linked factors.

Change the Variable unit value

The variable unit's main goal is to link templates to a specific rate, usually it corresponds to the industries national minimum wage. Wage increases are usually done once a year. To change the rate for the variable you will follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to Payroll.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Variable units.

  4. Locate the unit you want to alter (there may be more than one variable).

  5. Click on the pencil on the right hand side.

  6. Enter the new value.

  7. Click on Update input variable.

If you have individual employees who's hourly rate differs from this value, you will have to navigate to each employee and make sure to adjust their rates. Unless they are set to a factor of the rate - if their override is a factor of the rate it will be done one the new rate has been added.

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